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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions for our new WYSIWYG editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever I hit the "enter" key it puts in two spaces. How can I make it only enter one?
In order to make the WYSIWYG enter only 1 space when you type the "enter" key, hold down the SHIFT key and then press the ENTER key. This will insert only one space.

Why doesn't the color change when I am editing the content box? 
Currently the WYSIWYG updates the color and font information whenever you save the content box that you are editing. If you make a change to the text or background color, the changes will not be reflected until you save the content box.

What happened to my text? I can't see it in the WYSIWYG!
One problem may be that you are using HTML code in the content box that the WYSIWYG does not recognize. If this is the case, you can still edit your code using the 'HTML' button. Make your changes in the HTML editor and then save the content. You will then see that the changes have been made.

How do I insert a link?
To insert a link within the text:

  1. Highlight the word or group of words that you want to be the link.
  2. Click on the "Link" button.
  3. Type the web address in the Link URL line for linking to another site,
From the Link List, choose the page of your site that you would like to link to.
  4. Click 'insert'.

What is an 'anchor' and how do I use it?
An anchor allows you to link within a page or link to a specific content box on another page. Click Here to view an article in our knowledge base about utilizing anchors.

How can I edit the HTML? 
To edit the HTML, click on the 'HTML' button and this will open your source code in a new window. Make the changes that you would like to make and then click 'update'. The changes will then be reflected in the content area. Or, you can turn off the WYSIWYG Editor completely by un-checking the Toggle WYSIWYG box. For more information on this click here.

The WYSIWYG is changing my content and I don't like it. 
Send us an email at and we will look into the issue. Please include your site, what page you are editing, and what content box is causing trouble. We will disable the WYSIWYG on your site until we can get everything ironed out.

Why is it called a WYSIWYG? 
WYSIWYG stands for: What You See Is What You Get. It allows you to edit your webpage similarly to how you would edit text in Word.

Still having trouble? 
Contact the Artistry Labs Technical Support Team by:

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