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Setting up Shipping Charges

With Perpetua E-commerce, you have the ability to charge users for shipping when setting up an online store. You can charge for shipping based on weight, quantity, or price. 

The shipping costs are calculated by formula. We recommend calculating the cost one of three ways: 

  1. Quantity - Based on the number of items they purchase.
[$base_cost] + ( item_count * [$variable_cost] ) = final shipping cost 
  2. Weight - Based on the total weight of the items they purchase.
[$base_cost] + ( total_weight * [$variable_cost] ) = final shipping cost 
  3. Price - Based on the total price of the items they purchase.
[$base_cost] + ( total_price * [$variable_cost] ) = final shipping cost 

To set up shipping costs, please contact Artistry Labs Support. You will need to know which base cost and variable cost you would like to use for the formula. The easiest way to calculate this is to look at your previous shipments to determine what you are spending on average for the shipments.

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