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Sorting Your Main Pages

This article will instruct you how to sort your main page links.

1. What are Main Pages?

What are Main Pages?

The Main Pages are the links that appear on your home page that direct people to different areas of your website. These pages can be ordered using our "Sort Main Pages" tool.

2. Open Sort Main Page Tool

Open Sort Main Page Tool

To access this tool go to "Site Management > Site Layout > Sort Main Pages".

3. Sort Pages

Sort Pages

This will open up an admin window, to sort the pages simply click and drag them into a new position.

1. Moving a page up will move it left on the home page, moving it down will move it right.

2. Be sure not to add a link under the home page. Doing this could cause the home page to become another page.

3. When you are done click save.

4. Review


Once you hit save the pages will reorder.

Congratulations! You have just sorted your main pages!

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