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Signup Form Field Types

These are the types of form fields that can be used on a signup form.

1. Text Field Configuration

Text Field Configuration

1.1. Text Field

Text Field

Text fields have a limit of 200 characters.  If you need more than that please consider using a comment box.

2. Select Box / Dropdown Menu Field Configuration

Select Box / Dropdown Menu Field Configuration

Once you have all of the fields configured click "Save".

2.1. Select Box / Dropdown Menu Field

Select Box / Dropdown Menu Field

3. Checkbox Configuration

Checkbox Configuration

3.1. Checkbox


4. Bullet List Configuration

Bullet List Configuration

4.1. Bullet List

Bullet List

5. Comment Box Configuration

Comment Box Configuration

5.1. Comment Box

Comment Box

6. Yes/No Select Configuration

Yes/No Select Configuration

6.1. Yes/No Select

Yes/No Select

7. Text (no input) Configuration

Text (no input) Configuration

7.1. Text (no input)

Text (no input)

8. Select Box - multiple selections Configuration

Select Box - multiple selections Configuration

8.1. Select Box - multiple selections

Select Box - multiple selections

To make multiple selections you will need to hold the "command" key (Mac) / "control" key (PC) on your keyboard and then click your selections.

9. Heading (no input) Configuration

Heading (no input) Configuration

9.1. Heading (no input)

Heading (no input)

10. Spacer (line break) Configuration

Spacer (line break) Configuration

10.1. Spacer (line break)

Spacer (line break)

11. Date Field Configuration

Date Field Configuration

11.1. Date Field

Date Field

12. Admin Notification Configuration

Admin Notification Configuration

12.1. Admin Notification

Admin Notification
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