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Creating a Signup Form

1. Creating a Signup Form

1.1. Click on "Signup Form" under "Add Content"

Click on "Signup Form" under "Add Content"

1.2. Form Properties Tab

Form Properties Tab
  1. Header Text: This is the name of the signup form you are creating.
  2. Contact Group Name: This is the contact group that any entries that are submitted using this form are sent to.  You can access this information by going to "View/Edit Contact Data" under "Site Management" & "Contact Management".
  3. Image Verification: This will require that anyone who is submitting this form has to successfully complete a captcha.
  4. Submit Button Text: This is the text of the button that people will click to submit their completed form.
  5. Add Field: This will allow you to add additional fields.
  6. Sort Fields: This will allow you to reorder your existing fields.  Once clicked it will change to "Save Sort Fields" which you will have to click to confirm your changes once you have finished sorting/reordering your fields.
  7. Add Spacer: Adds a spacer that will create separation between fields.
  8. Edit Field
  9. Delete Field
  10. Copy Field
  11. If you have your ecommerce set up through Artistry Labs then there will be an additional button here to "Add eCommerce Fields"

1.3. Form Content Tab

Form Content Tab

Use this tab if you want content to be displayed above a signup form.

1.4. Administrator Notification Tab

Administrator Notification Tab
  1. Submit E-Mail To: This is who will receive the administrator notification when a form is submitted.
  2. Submit the email from: This is who will be shown as the sender on the notification email.
  3. Send the email in: This will set the format of the notification email when it is sent.

1.5. Confirmation Tab

Confirmation Tab

This tab has two elements.

  • Email Confirmation: This is what the form submitted will receive via email.
  • Webpage Confirmation: This is the confirmation message that will be displayed on the website upon the successful submission of a form.

1.6. Styles Tab

Styles Tab

This is where you can edit the style of your forms.

1.7. Scheduling Tab

Scheduling Tab

This tab will allow you to schedule a form to only show up during a specific time span.

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